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Get your fire sprinkler systems installed in the safest way once you hire Rancho Fire Sprinkler Systems Inc. to take care of the whole process of installing and inspecting your fire sprinkler systems. 

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With our expertise and outstanding service, your home will surely be wrapped with intense protection for many decades without requiring you to spend more money from time to time for maintenance and repair.

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Fire Protection Systems

Keeping a home safe against calamities such as unexpected fires is not an easy job to do but with the presence of high-quality fire protection systems, saving the lives of your family and your valuable things will not be as difficult as you might be thinking. Fire protection systems are here to serve as your companion in quickly controlling and extinguishing the fire and provide as many benefits as they can to take good care of your home and other personal belongings.

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Fire Sprinkler System Installation

Installing a fire sprinkler system at home carries so many benefits, and that is not only for the homeowners but for the home itself as it will be a lot safer against fire once installed with this home investment. The most important thing to remember before choosing the type of fire sprinkler system that you want to get installed is to look for a professional installer first to make sure that the whole installation process will be smooth sailing.

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Fire System Repair, Inspection and Testing

No fire sprinkler system can last forever and though it is still a sustainable home investment to make, it still needs to be taken care of that is why it needs inspections, repairs, and testings to know if it still is in a good condition after some time of being installed in your home. These three methods are performed to ensure that the fire sprinkle system will be able to attend to the needs of the occupants.

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Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems have been around for many decades already; serving people with the best solution to get rid of fire and year after year it has proven their importance in giving protection to every home and business property. These suppression systems are engineered to make every home safe against the raging fire by giving off various substances within it that are capable of strongly detecting any amount of smoke and fire and quickly extinguishing it.

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Hood Cleaning

Hood cleaning has proven to help many business owners in protecting their establishment against the destruction of fire. Many fire incidents occur in the kitchen due to countless circumstances, and it can spread throughout a building within seconds, but you can avoid this from happening to your business once you have a proper hood cleaning. Hood cleaning is required by officials to protect not only the establishment but also the lives of the people inside it.

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Fire Extinguisher Certification

Having a fire extinguisher certification has produced many advantages to homeowners and business owners as it means that you have the skills and all the knowledge needed to safely handle fire extinguishers to help in putting out a fire in different circumstances. Taking a course like this is very beneficial to many people, so they have all the skills and information to help save millions of properties and lives from being taken or destroyed by fire.

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Fire Protection Design System

While installing home investments is a great effort in helping you save your properties, it is still the best option to have these installations planned or designed, so they could best fit your home’s needs. For your building to have a proper fire protection system design, a few factors and should be taken into consideration, such as the purpose of the property, its occupants as well as other installed systems that to make sure that your home has the perfect fire protection system in it.


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What are the different types of fire suppression systems?

To save your home and other valuable things against the destructive nature of fire, you need to find the best type of fire suppression system that is capable of giving the right amount of protection that you need. If there is one most common type, it would be the water-based fire suppression system, which is commonly used in public establishments, particularly in hospitals. Other remarkable types of fire suppression systems used in residential and commercial buildings to make sure that they are protected against fire incidents are pressurized gas systems, pneumatic heat detection tube, foam deluge systems, and chemical foam suppression systems.

How does the fire suppression system work?

Fire suppression systems have been utilized by homeowners for many years to get the best protection their property needs to survive a fire incident. This home investment has different types and qualities; every type also offers different properties that are used to eliminate the fire. A fire suppression system is capable of immediately identifying the presence of smoke or fires inside an establishment and sending warning signs to the people inside it to prevent the fire from putting their lives at risk. Right after giving off signals, these fire suppression systems will release the substance in it that will put out the fire.

What is the most common fire suppression system?

To fight any unexpected fire that may occur in your property, you will need an excellent fire suppression system that work efficiently in fighting off fire; these systems are known to have unique qualities that make them worth the installation investment. When it comes to the most popular type of fire suppression system, there is nothing more popularly used that water-based suppression system. This type solely relies on water, which runs on pipes and is sprayed through the sprinkler heads; this is most commonly seen in public establishments such as malls and hospitals. Water-based suppression systems installed in buildings can either be automatic or manually operated but both are very effective in fighting off the fire.

What is fire suppression policy?

To resolve the need for an even better response to fire incidents, Civilian Conservation Corps was founded by the federal government in 1935 that required the participation of thousands of male individuals to help in fighting fires and creating fire breaks. Fire suppression policy states that every fire incident should be contained by 10 a.m. and this decree has been a successful way of extinguishing fire from different properties. Various agencies followed the policy, which gave way to better fire suppression in different parts of the party. Today’s huge advancement in technology has paved the way to finding more efficient ways to contain the fire as soon as possible and save more properties and lives.

How do you install a fire sprinkler system?

To install a high-quality fire sprinkler system, one should find and hire a professional installer first. Although some homeowners would want to try installing it themselves, hiring a professional fire sprinkler system installer is still the most practical and safest way to go. Make sure first that your water pressure is enough to supply the sprinklers with the right amount of water needed. Next, basement piping should also be installed that will create a passage for the water to reach the sprinkler heads and then put protecting cages around the sprinkler heads. The only thing left for your professional installer to do at this stage is to do leak testing to guarantee that everything is properly installed.

Benefits of Fire Sprinkler Systems

Before we establish our business, we study and learn a lot about fire sprinkler systems, particularly the benefits they could bring you and to your home. Read below.

Safety – Every Year, Sprinklers Save Lives

When talking about safety, one of the most valuable home investments to have is installing fire sprinklers that are very efficient when it comes to protecting the home and saving the lives of its occupants. These sprinkler systems are specially crafted to make sure that every life will have utmost protection, be safe against fire and provide a quick solution to extinguish fires as soon as possible. Research shows that a residential or commercial property that has an installed fire sprinkler system can reduce the risk of deaths by up to 87% and lower the rate of injuries or property loss.

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Reduce the Risk and Extent of Damage

Protecting your valuable belongings against the raging fire whenever it breaks out in your commercial or residential property is possible with the help of psrinkler systems. Things such as photos, documents, and other things that are dear to you will not be replaced anymore once they are burned down by the fire. To reduce the risk of extensive property damage, install a high-quality fire sprinkler system at home and let it protect your stuff against unexpected fire. With the help of a fire sprinkler that can automatically spray water to put out the fire and lessen the damage, it can cause to your belongings and the structure of your property.

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Comparatively Inexpensive

Looking for a home investment that can deliver the best protection for you and your family without emptying your pocket? Fire sprinkler system is here to be the next best home investment for you wherever you are in the world. Installing a fire sprinkler system is cost-efficient and will not require a home or business owner to spend an additional amount of money in repairs and maintenance to keep the system’s condition at its finest. Fire sprinkler systems are available in different types and every type is affordable and does not have a complicated installation process, which makes it a perfect investment for people who wants to protect their home in a cost-efficient way.

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Lower Insurance Premiums

Having bigger savings without neglecting the fact that necessary home investments must be made to foster a better and safer home is a wise decision for every homeowner to make. Once a home or a business property is installed with fire sprinkler systems, it can control and extinguish the fire better and quicker; reducing the amount of property damage by a significant amount, which results to lower insurance premiums. Paying a large amount for insurance to get their property protected in case an accident happens is typical for many residential and commercial property owners but experts found that these insurance premiums can be decreased by up to 15% with the help of a fire sprinkler system installation.

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Very Little Maintenance

An endearing quality of fire sprinkler systems is that they do not require homeowners to spend regularly on their maintenance because they only need to be checked annually, except only if there is a need for an immediate repair. As long as these systems were excellently installed by a professional installer and checked from time to time, there is no need to keep on wasting your time and money on its maintenance. They are very sustainable and even if they do not need constant maintenance or fancy upgrades, fire sprinkler systems can last for as long as two decades.

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